1833 Umpleby House Bed & Breakfast Inn

    111 West Bridge Street, New Hope, Bucks County, PA

    Tel: (215) 862-2520

   Email: info@1833umplebyhouse.com

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Pillow Talk

Comments and Poems from
Umpleby's Guest Room Diary



Great Anniversary Weekend

Umpleby House Bed & Breakfast Inn, 1870 Wedgwood Collection of Inns, New Hope, PAHi there!

We just got home after celebrating our 2nd anniversary together this weekend at the Umpleby House.  We had a wonderful time!  We've also stayed at the Aaron Burr House in the past - everytime we stay we just love it!  The rooms are perfect, breakfast is delicious, and the hospitality is always so nice!  Thank you so much for making our weekend special!

All the best,
Angie & Max S., Westfield, NJ


NOTE: an area film production company that is producing a series of  "Healthy Lifestyle" videos has been flying-in guest chefs from around the country and they have been staying at Wedgwood Inns during the filming process.

Good Morning Carl,

I just wanted to let you know that I had a wonderful stay at Wedgwood.  I told your wife that I had one of the best night sleep, I have had in a while.  Thank you for your hospitality and delicious (and healthful!) homebaked goods.  I look forward to staying at Wedgwood (with my wife next) in the future.
Have a fantastic day!


Ricky Moore, chefpreneur


Wedgewood Inn of New Hope; early Spring wedding ceremony
(April 2011)

Wedding at the Wedgwood Inn, April 2011 - New Hope, Bucks County, PAWedding at the Wedgwood Inn, April 2011 - New Hope, Bucks County, PAWedding at the Wedgwood Inn, April 2011 - New Hope, Bucks County, PAWedding at the Wedgwood Inn, April 2011 - New Hope, Bucks County, PA

Dear Carl and Nadine,

Adam and I would like to thank you for helping to make our wedding day so special.  Our stay at The Wedgewood surpassed our expectations.  Our room was perfect, clean, quiet, quaint and private.  The hot tub was fantastic following such a hectic day!

Thank you especially for your patience and understanding with the starting time being almost an hour later than we had agreed upon with you.

Best Wishes,

Adam and Amanda D.

A recent guest wrote:

Independent filmmaker Candis from Calgary (Canada), whom recently stayed over a week on business at our Inn while attending the New Hope International Film Festival, commented on TripAdvisor.com

"Have never met so many interesting people in one place in my life."  She also rated the Inn "Excellent."

Umpleby House, Bucks County, New Hope, PA - Couple celebrates 10th Anniversary


To view images from a recent 10th wedding anniversary getaway
complete with a horse-drawn Pennsylvania surrey, Click Here


Carl & Dinie,

Just a quick note to thank you for another wonderful stay!!  Everything was perfect, as usual, and the strawberries were to die for.  We bumped into Olga and her husband in Peddlers Village on Sunday and had a chance to say good-bye to them, which was nice.  We can't wait to get back to our fav perch at Wedgwood's Umpleby House (Room 9) - hopefully we'll see you sooner rather than later! 

Until then, have a safe and happy holiday and give our best to all! 

Thanks, again, for your hospitality.

Teri & Franko, NY, NY 


We’ve been visiting the Wedgewood Inn for over 10 years (at least 30 visits!). I guess you could call the Inn our home away from home. It’s our first choice destination when we need an escape from the stresses of the city and the work world (we’re from D.C.) -- we cannot think of any other place we’d rather go. One of the best things about the Inn is that it allows dogs. Dogs love the Inn and the town of New Hope. Everything a dog needs is at its doorstop -- walks on the canal and a doggie gourmet shop on Main Street. For humans, there are great restaurants, galleries, and shops. A local artist has painted portraits of both our dogs. If you love gardening, you couldn’t be better situated -- garden centers abound (one within walking distance of the Inn). Last but not least, we love the Inn because of the warm welcome we always receive from Dinie and Carl and their staff. There’s a lot to be said about a place “where everyone knows your name.”

Val and Ed, Washington, DC

Dear Nadine and Carl,

We were married in New Hope 4 years ago, and my whole family stayed at your inn, in all the rooms at Umpleby House. You all made it a truly memorable occasion - it was just terrific. That was back in March, 2001.

Mom loved it so much, as did all of us, that we have sent her and her best friend back several times since, via your "Gift Certificates". We just celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary with you and your inn was as gracious and memorable as we remembered. The addition of double jacuzzi tubs and WIFI access were much appreciated too!

Quite frankly, we were a bit hesitant at first to return: afraid we may "spoil" our sweet memories. But as we were warmly greeted as old friends by Janet, and remembered by Olga too, that slight reluctance quickly disappeared. And your then 6 year old child has grown into a beautiful and well-mannered young adult.

We hope to see you again before our next anniversary. I've already hinted to Tom that i'd like a Gift Certificate to Umpleby House for my birthday in July!

J. Stonybrook, N.Y.


Dear Carl and Dinie,

Hope all is well. My husband Shawn and I have stayed at  your Inn's Canopy room (A) several times and always enjoyed our stay.

I need to ask you for a special favor. Back on 5/9/2008, Shawn and I took my parents to New Hope to celebrate Mothers Day and we stayed at the Inn on the night of 5/9/2008 ( or perhaps it was 5/10/2008) My parents stayed at the room with a sitting room, a balcony, and a Jacuzzi on the second floor. I remember my dad wrote a beautiful message in Chinese Mandarin on the notebook provided at the room describing how much he and my mom enjoyed their stay at New Hope and your Inn.

My parents live in Taiwan and I only get to see them twice a year. My parents are getting older and every moment I spend with them is sacred to me, including the trip to New Hope two years ago. I miss them every much and am wondering if you can send me the page with my dad’s message on.

I hope this is not too much trouble to ask. Please email me back and let me know if my request could be granted.

I hope to hear from you soon and hope Shawn and I will visit New Hope and stay at your Inn again this year. Thank you very much.

 Karin C. , (New York, NY)

Dear Karin, I am happy to inform you that we found the Guest Room Diary from '08...Carl

Dear Carl and Dinie, 

The following is the Room Diary  translation from Mandarin 9Chinese): 

We are visiting from Taiwan .  Today is Mother’s Day.  Through our daughter and son-in-laws’ thoughtful arrangement, we came to visit this beautiful and artistic town (New Hope).  We enjoyed plenty of gourmet foods and had the privilege to spend the night at your gracious and welcoming Inn.  The classic, warm, and exquisite environment of the inn brought me sweet dreams in this mid-spring night.

We experienced the goodness of this world through the affection and care shown to us by our loving children.  We thank the Master for his blessings. 

   Mr. and Mrs. C. (Taiwan)


Another Satisfied Guest
I just returned from spending the night at your inn (The Loft Suite).  I wanted to let you know how much my girlfriend and I loved it.  When we arrived your innkeeper made reservations for us at Marsha Brown's and gave us a tour.  We neglected to tell him we wanted breakfast delivered to the room (though he offered) and when we checked out we assumed that we would need to find somewhere to park and find breakfast as we had missed the one at the inn.  Much to our delight, when we checked out (mind you after we were technically no longer guests) we were offered breakfast since we had missed it!!  I couldn't believe it...and not just leftovers, warm croissants, muffins, just wonderful.  We were then told to go ahead and stay parked if we liked, come back and use the bathroom if necessary and that we were welcome to come for tea at 4 if we were around (unfortunately we didn't make it for tea).  I was and am still amazed.

I can tell you that I will be back whenever I stay in New Hope and will certainly recommend your inn.  A great place, and a great bunch of people.  I can't thank you enough for making the trip (a birthday celebration for me) and fantastic experience. Everyone there should be commended.
Thanks again.

Michael P.


Couples Getaway
All my crazy out of state relatives LOVED your inn. Those procrastinators who wound up at hotels out on the highway were sooo jealous! Thanks for making my surprise party for Ed's 40th birthday a complete success. We'll come back in February to use the Gift Certificate I bought him...

Jane and Ed (Boston)


A Couple on a Budget
Wonderful stay. The Victorian porch off our bedroom was a delight; breakfast and lunch in the southern sun made the chilly October nights that much more crisp. The firepace (and tv to watch the Yankees win game # 3 over the Red Sox) at the foot of the king-sized bed was the best. This "Loft Suite" is our hands down #1 room here.

The Steam Train ride was fun, the eclectic set of boutiques and galleries was a shoppers delight, and Marsh Brown restaurant is our new favorite steak and seafood place in New Hope. It was fun for us city folk to pick our own apples and spend time in the Pumpkin Patch at Manoff's too. We'll be back to pick strawberries in May!

Kay and Louisa (Washington, DC)


This inn is the best! Less than 30 minutes - but 30 million miles away, from Princeton, both New Hope - Lambertville and Umpleby House are friendly, cheery places. Pizza and Mexican restaurants were good and in our budget. Most nite spots had no cover charge for live music midweek. The River and the canal towpath were scenic and quiet places to walk. The Gazebo right here was a nice spot too. We're hooked on Tuesday morning at Rices' Market.

Clio and Charles (Princeton, NJ)


Thank you very much for providing us an unforgettable setting to celebrate our 1 year anniversary.  The whole Inn was spectacular and our room was absolutely gorgeous with its historic decor.  We have many special memories of the Umpleby House, such as the welcoming hospitality of Diana and Olga, Carl's delicious homemade Almond Liqueur and the perfect Breakfast-in-Bed (OK, on our porch!)...we will  highly recommend your inns to anyone visiting New Hope with that special someone.

M. and M. (Chicago)


Thank you for the 'inn-sider tip' to visit the Wildflower Preserve in Washington Crossing State Park and the Woodworking Studio of George Nakashima too: both places were not only extraordinary attractions just a mile from the Inn, but were also ablaze with color from Cherry Blossom trees, Pear trees and Magnolia trees. Of course I expected the April standards of tulips and daffodil plants....which did not disappoint me either. 

And Meuller's Display Farm for Bulbs (a mile in the other direction) was outstanding too. Its great to see hundreds and hundreds of the plants in bloom prior to ordering. 

I can see the many varieties of Lilac Bushes budding in your beautiful back yard: we'll be back in early May to smell them!

B. and B. from Elmwood Park (NJ)


The Spring White Water Release on the Tohicon Creek was a blast. Thanks for letting us store our kayaks in your barn. Tomorrow we'll try the wing dam on the Delaware River just below Oddette's Restaurant....but we always seem to savor our Sunday morning routine of Breakfast in Bed and never kayak the second day at your Inn...

M. and A. (Paterson, NJ)

We visit both England and New Hope once a year, and it is our pleasure to once again re-fill your Inn's wonderful selection of teas with our own quirky favorite English brand: PG Tips. Unavailable in the States, it is oh so good for a strong breakfast tea. Ta ta for now.

Chas. and L. (Wilm., DE)

I had a wonderful time at your Inn and in all of New Hope. I especially enjoyed my visit to Rice's Market with Dinie.  Looking forward to visiting the Mercer Museums on my next overnight stay with you.  That's thanks to Carl actually showing me how easy it is to get there from New Hope.....as you know I'm 'directionally impaired'.  See all of you in the Fall, including Tootsie - the perfect greeter for your Inn.

Adelle (Rochester, NY)

My husband and I stayed at the Umpleby House in August and loved your bed and breakfast. I am writing to inquire about buying a gift certificate for a couple that is getting married. I would like to purchase a gift certificate for a room with a fireplace and Jacuzzi. Please let me know how to go about doing this. The wedding is in the middle of October.  Thanks 

Click Here to Order a Gift Certificate

This past Fall I proposed to my fiancée while sitting under a shade tree in the fields across from  the Umpleby House.  It was our first time to your wonderful town of New Hope and romantic enough to change the rest of our lives.  Now I would like to surprise her with an overnight stay at your Inn.  Can I purchase a Gift Certificate as a Christmas present and use it later in the year?

Doug (Boston)

For Gift Certificate information for Umpleby House
as well as Aaron Burr and the Wedgwood House, click here

I received my Certificate for taking your ‘How-To’ seminar for aspiring innkeepers last week.  Thank you again for sharing your insights into the B&B business.  You provided invaluable information and an eye-opening 'back-of-the-house' look at the daily operations of an inn.  You also expressed that personal philosophy I have not come across in the many books I had read.  I still have innkeeping as my dream.

 E. Mendez (NYC)

Aspiring innkeepers can view information online by clicking here

This year we included our 10 yr. old daughter in our annual vacation in New Hope.  Your Carriage House was perfect.  Our stay was more than enjoyable.  It was so comfortable and relaxful too.  The food, the accommodations, the scenery, the conversations were more than one could ask for.   Now we'll be coming twice a year: next visit will be for just the two of us again.  Thank you again for your hospitality.  Tess sends kisses to Tootsie as well as the enclosed Doggie Biscuit!

P.S.  Did you happen to find Tessie's pink retainer that might have been left there?

The Meyerson's (Baltimore)

Did I forget something last week?  I think so --- a hearty thank you for the bottle of ‘private label’ wine to add to our 50th Wedding celebration.  Staying at Umpleby House was a delightful experience -- the friendly and knowledgeable staff, delicious breakfasts, and an interesting town.  The Carriage House was the perfect accommodation for us too:  the fireplace was lovely  and the  kitchenette was handy too.  We shall do it again soon;  in March to coincide with  the Philadelphia Flower Show.  With pleasant thoughts, 

Miriam and Ben (Pittsburgh)


As written in Room 4 Diary by E. S., Fishkill, NY


Umpleby, oh, Umpleby

A house high up on the hill

Winter, spring, summer, fall

You have stood there through it all

Over many years, 

You have witnessed many changes.

You have known many residents.

You have watched over many passers-by

And stood silent, watchful as all went by

With their toils, troubles and their woes.

Through the many countless seasons

And through all kinds of weather, 

You have stood sentinel on this hill.

This might be the reason

For your creaking boards

And squeaking stairs,

And the ghostly shadows, unawares.

But, if you could, the stories you would tell

Of people big and tall, short and small;

Of all the history in your halls;

And the mysteries in (and on) your walls.

Umpleby, oh, Umpleby!

You have maintained your appointed station

Since well before our country  was a nation

Through many summers' warm

And many winters' chill

And may you continue to delight

As you stand watchful on this hill

High above the Delaware, the bridge and the mills.

Keep well, sleep well.

As your history continues into the next century.


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